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This is one of the first solid releases of Spell Sorter: A Wizard's Duty. In this version, more spells were added(user suggestions from the google form and from comments) and it was generally made smoother. Many bugs were also fixed such as problems with stats, such as negative numbers, and problems with transitions. I've added a new page-flip method that mimics the way spells move to get between different screens of the game. I hope you guys enjoy this new update and as always, leave comments for suggestions you would like me to add in the future.

Check it out here

Big Spell Sorter Update!

2016-09-03 17:31:15 by endernoobz

This update includes many different features and changes taken into consideration from the feedback we’ve received. The gameplay itself has not been affected, but many small changes we’ve added should improve further gameplay experiences.

-Dancing Arrows: Arrows now are animated and move back and forth.
-New Letter: A new introduction letter was written
-No Press: The Newspaper has been replaced with Spell Stats, which show all of the effects your spells had on the world and their crime and mood levels.
-Speedrun: After choosing 4 spells, you now have the option to press done and skip clicking no through the rest of the spells.
-Ending Screen: The End Beta screen now has has a replay button and is animated.
-Removed Desk Texture from End Day Screen

Check it out here!